Australian Pharmacist Oral exam PREP Course:

Pass your oral exam on the first try and start your pharmacy career in Australia.

Common Hurdles for Self-Study Candidates

The Australian pharmacy profession offers a rewarding career path, and the final hurdle to achieving general registration is the oral exam. While self-study is a commendable approach, it's natural to encounter challenges along the way. Here, we explore some common roadblocks faced by self-directed learners:

  • Developing Strong Exam Techniques: The oral format requires specific communication and critical thinking skills. Self-study may not provide sufficient opportunities to practice these techniques under simulated exam conditions.

  • Addressing Knowledge Gaps: The KAPS exam covers a wide range of topics. Without expert guidance, it can be difficult to identify and actively fill knowledge gaps.

  • Building Confidence in Public Speaking: Presenting yourself clearly and confidently under pressure is a key aspect of the oral exam. Self-study may not provide opportunities to receive personalised feedback on your communication style.

  • Maintaining Motivation and Focus: Studying independently can be isolating, making it challenging to stay motivated and focused throughout the entire preparation process.

Success with Elite Expertise

At Elite Expertise, we understand these challenges. Our comprehensive Australian oral exam pharmacy is designed to bridge these gaps and empower you to excel in your exam. With our expert guidance and supportive learning environment, you'll gain the confidence and skills needed to:

  • Master Exam Techniques: Through mock exams and targeted feedback, you'll refine your approach and develop effective strategies to conquer the oral format.

  • Solidify Your Knowledge Base: Our course curriculum ensures you're well-versed in all key areas tested on the KAPS exam.

  • Sharpen Your Communication Skills: Practice presentations and receive personalised feedback from experienced pharmacists to hone your public speaking confidence.

  • Stay Focused and Motivated: Our engaging learning platform and supportive community keep you motivated and focused on achieving your goals.

Conquer Your Pharmacy Oral Exam with Confidence

Our comprehensive Australian Pharmacist Oral Exam Prep Course addresses every challenge you might face:

  • Studying the Exam: Feeling overwhelmed by the unknown? Our course provides in-depth study handouts outlining the exam format, question styles, and key topics. You'll also gain experience through targeted mock tests, allowing you to practice applying your knowledge in a simulated exam environment. This powerful combination builds exam confidence and ensures you're prepared to excel.

  • Learn from Renowned Instructors: Don't settle for generic exam prep. Our instructors are accredited consultant pharmacists with a deep understanding of Australian pharmacy practice. Their wealth of industry experience and proven track record of success means you're learning from the best. Their passion for your success fuels their commitment to providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive.

  • The Elite Method: Our unique Elite Method goes beyond rote memorisation. It's a strategic approach that combines targeted content delivery focused on the most relevant topics, practical application exercises that solidify your understanding, and insider tips and strategies developed by our expert instructors. This dynamic approach ensures you're not just prepared for the exam, you're prepared for a successful pharmacy career in Australia.

  • Personalised Support Every Step of the Way: You're not in this alone. Our course includes dedicated support and feedback sessions led by our expert instructors. Here, you can ask questions, address specific concerns, and receive personalised feedback on your progress. This ongoing support ensures you're on track to achieve your goals and perform at your peak on exam day.

Turn your passion for Pharmacy into a rewarding career

Australia offers a thriving pharmacy landscape with exciting opportunities for qualified professionals. Here's why becoming a pharmacist in Australia could be your dream come true:

  • Competitive Salaries: Australian pharmacists enjoy some of the highest salaries in the world, allowing you to build a secure and comfortable life.

  • High Demand: Australia faces a growing shortage of pharmacists, creating a strong job market with excellent career prospects.

  • Pathway to Permanent Residency: Successfully passing the pharmacist exams can open doors to permanent residency or work visa opportunities, allowing you to build a long-term future in Australia.

Elite Expertise Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Not sure where to start? Our Australian Pharmacist Oral Exam Prep Course provides the essential guidance and support you need to succeed.

  • What is the Pharmacist Oral Exam? This crucial exam is the final step towards registration as a pharmacist in Australia. It assesses your clinical knowledge, communication skills, and ability to provide safe and effective patient care.

  • What Does the Course Cover? We equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel in the oral exam. Our comprehensive course covers key areas like medication management, communication strategies, Australian regulations, and ethical considerations.

  • Benefits of Passing the Exam: A successful exam unlocks the door to a rewarding pharmacy career in Australia. It allows you to work in diverse settings, contribute to patient health, and build a fulfilling life.

Benefits of Studying with Elite Expertise: Our course goes beyond basic preparation. We offer personalised support, expert instruction, and proven strategies to boost your confidence and maximise your chances of success.

Celebrating 94% Pass Success at Elite Expertise!

Your journey with us transcends education, encompassing transformation, perseverance, and achievement. Your dedication and hard work have lit the way for both yourself and us. Through rigorous preparation and a steadfast commitment to excellence, you have accomplished far more than simply passing an exam. You have demonstrated that success is a continuous journey driven by a passion for learning and a love of knowledge. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement – a true testament to your potential, dedication, and relentless pursuit of greatness. As you embark on your career as a skilled pharmacy professional, we eagerly anticipate the significant impact you will have on the world.

Here are some of our best students:

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About the course

The Australian Pharmacist oral exam PREP course is designed to help you easily clear the Pharmacist oral exam conducted by AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) on the first attempt.

This course helps you in developing the knowledge and ability to practice independently as a pharmacist in Australia. Clearing the oral exam is the final step to achieving general registration as a pharmacist in Australia.

The total duration of the Intern oral exam will be approximately 35 minutes and it consists of 3 parts.

Learning goals, objectives, and outcomes
  1. Clearing the tricky pharmacist oral examination with ease on the first attempt.

  2. Developing sound interactive skills and primary health care knowledge required for a pharmacist. Our course focuses on educating an intern pharmacist to develop expertise in the primary health care system of Australia.

  3. Improving pharmacist interventional knowledge to minimize potential risk to the patients and medication misadventures.

  4. Making you an ethically sound, professional, and legally responsible Australian pharmacist who demonstrates the knowledge and understanding of legal and ethical domains of Australian pharmacy practice.

  5. Replenishing and enhancing your knowledge of medication optimization.

  6. Training a learner to develop precise history-taking expertise and decision-making capabilities to identify potential drug risks and achieve better patient and community outcomes. The goals and learning outcomes that our course offers help you to excel in the toughest part of your oral exam i.e., part 3 problem solving and communication.

Teaching methodology
  • Interactive face-to-face simulative oral exam conducted to help you breeze through real-life pharmacist oral exam.

  • Discussion and individualized tailoring of the learning advice to help you minimize mistakes in pharmacist oral exam.

  • Focus on developing your pharmacist problem-solving and communication skills.

  • Learner-centric teaching approach.

  • Access to Live real-time lectures.

Education materials provided
  1. Comprehensive discussion-based guidance on how to correct your mistakes and enhance your chances of clearing the pharmacy intern oral examination.

  2. Information handouts on primary health care and legal scenarios of Australian pharmacy practice.

  3. Access to recorded videos for constant learning and to fit an individual lifestyle, and time management needs.

Learn from the Best

Arief Mohammad, Director of Elite Expertise, holds a Master of Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy and is an accredited consultant pharmacist with the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacists (AACPA). He currently practices as a clinical pharmacist at Northern Health Hospital in Melbourne, where he has worked for five years. Renowned for his teaching skills and practical experience, Arief has mentored numerous students and intern pharmacists.

Harika Bheemavarapu is the Director of Elite Expertise and holds a Master of Pharmacy. She is an accredited consultant pharmacist with the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacists (AACPA) and currently works as a Clinical Pharmacist and Clinical Pharmacist Educator at Monash Health Hospital in Melbourne. With five years of pharmacy practice in Australia, Harika has an excellent track record in helping students succeed in the KAPS and Australian Intern Pharmacist examinations.

Be Fully Prepared for Success

What is the Pharmacist Oral Exam?

The Pharmacist Oral Exam is the final hurdle for international graduates and students seeking to become registered pharmacists in Australia. It assesses your clinical reasoning, communication skills, and ability to deliver safe and effective patient care within the Australian healthcare system.

Exam Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Pharmacist Oral Exam, you'll need to successfully complete the Knowledge Assessment of Pharmacy Services (KAPS) exam

You are Eligible to sit for the intern pharmacist oral exam once you complete 75% of the intern training hours. You don’t need to complete your internship to sit for the intern pharmacist oral exam.

Exam Format

The exam is conducted by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and typically lasts around 35 minutes. It consists of three parts, focusing on your knowledge of Australian pharmacy practice, problem-solving skills, and effective communication with patients and healthcare professionals.

Procedure for Pharmacy Intern Oral Exam

The exam will involve a panel of assessors who will ask you questions about various scenarios you might encounter in a pharmacy setting. Demonstrate your ability to analyze the situation, identify potential risks, provide evidence-based recommendations, and communicate clearly with the patient.

Where are the Tests Held?

The Pharmacist Oral Exam is held at AHPRA designated testing centers across Australia.

Empower Your Pharmacy Career with Elite Expertise

We understand the importance of this exam for your future as a pharmacist in Australia. That's why our comprehensive prep course equips you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel on your first attempt. Let us guide you towards a successful and rewarding pharmacy career in Australia.


Your Pharmacy Career in Australia with Elite Expertise

Preparing for the Australian Pharmacist Oral Exam is essential to achieving your goal of becoming a registered pharmacist in Australia. However, it's just one part of the journey! To facilitate a seamless transition into your pharmacy career, enhance your preparation with Elite Expertise's comprehensive courses. These courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

  • Australian Pharmacist Intern Written Exam PREP: This course provides an in-depth exploration of the Intern Written Exam, ensuring you understand the core competencies being assessed. Our structured learning approach, combined with an extensive library of practice questions, will help you build the confidence needed to excel in the exam.

  • KAPS Exam Essentials Course: Don't let nerves hold you back! Our KAPS Exam Essentials course offers crucial insights into the format and expectations of the oral assessment. Through simulated practice scenarios and expert guidance on communication skills, you'll be thoroughly prepared to showcase your proficiency and impress the examiners.